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ABOUT cottonwood meadow

Welcome to the virtual version of Cottonwood Meadow (CWM) home to Kyle, Hannah and Hannah's mom, Jo.

A special little piece of property in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, CWM is an open, rolling meadow with a welcoming entrance lined with Fremont Cottonwood trees. The property was acquired with a huge existing shop and a rundown home. The next two years comprised of planning and designing a new home for the site and in January 2012 we relocated the existing home and began building our new one.

The new house was designed to be fire resistant, energy efficient and sustainably built consisting of 4 shipping containers melded with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). Check out the House Build tab for more details.

We also are handcrafters working with wood, metal and concrete and love to build and make.

We currently have three dogs, Denali, Ziggy and Chinda as well as two horses, Paddy and Molly. 

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