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Environmental Economist
Construction Auditor
Project Management


6001 Shoo Fly Rd, Kelsey, CA   95667    510-703-1209



Accomplished, solution-driven, and proactive Finance/Economic Analyst and Auditor with comprehensive experience in economic analysis, project management, financial management, statistical modeling, and sustainable business processes. Spearheading, initiating, and conducting complex analytic investigations, utilizing and incorporating a keen number-sense and interest in renewable energy, conservation, and sustainable practices. Collaborating and fostering productive relationships with executive-level management, key stakeholders, and team members to increase efficiencies and bring objectives to fruition. Diligent in ensuring accuracy and thoroughness of work with strong adherence to deadlines, adaptation to diverse industries, and shifting environments.


Remote / Virtual Work | Analytical & Research Skills | Number-Oriented | Financial Management | Highly Organized Advanced Excel Skills | Attention to Detail | Team & Independent Work | Strategy Development | Collaborative

Problem Solving | Dedicated | Self-Initiating | Growth Mindset | Time Management | Written & Verbal Communication

Professional Experience

Environmental Economist | Fully Remote | Virtual Office, Kelsey, CA | 03/2007 – Present

Arcadis Consulting, Highlands Ranch, CO

Perform consulting services in Data and Project Management for Arcadis North America (ANA), Internal Sustainability Program reporting annually to Arcadis International for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting. Oversees and directs data gathering, cleaning, assessment, and reporting for year-over-year metrics. Serve in a continual, ongoing role for multiple long-term, high-risk projects in Environmental Remediation Sector managing project scope, schedule, budget planning, monitoring, replans, troubleshooting, and reporting. Provide additional responsibilities, including, team management, field scheduling, insurance management on projects, reporting to regulatory entities, compliance management, and financial reporting and invoicing.

Snapshot of Results

  • Design and establish a client PMO platform targeting large-scale, cost components across multiple project sites utilizing economies of scale – Resulting in increased cost savings while creating efficiencies and ensuring high standards of work productivity, health, and safety standards.

  • Develop and implement a standardized RFP process from inception through validation – Resulting in an increased number of secured contracts.

  • Successfully transition to 100% remote/virtual work since 2012.


Independent Consultant | Fully Remote |07/2004 – 02/2007

Freelance Consultant, Leesburg, VA

Provided financial and data analysis for local nonprofit organizations. Aided in developing online presence and website expansion for multiple organizations. Formulation of Strategic Plan and approach for implementation.

Snapshot of Results

  • Comprehensive feasibility study and forecasting viability of relocation of annual non-profit championship, cost/benefit analysis, attendance simulations based on historical behaviors, and potential sponsor support resulting in highly successful three-year run.

  • Annual health and safety statistics for reporting and presentation, year on year analysis, utilization of data for determining optimal program funding allocation.

  • Member survey, data analysis and presentation of recommendations of regional borders changes, analysis of impacts of said changes to membership.



Quantitative Research Analyst, IPA, Ashburn, VA

  • Created statistical models for benchmarking project performance in the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Correlated project characteristics to project outcomes and analyzing cost, schedule, and operational performance.

  • Designed research studies presenting statistical outcomes to clients at Industry Benchmarking Conference to guide efficient execution and best practices.

  • Developed database and modeling tools relating to contracting practices to investigate whether there are specific contracting strategies that provide better performance for varying project types.

  • Identified best approaches and practices for incorporating contractors into a project achieving peak execution results.


Financial Analyst, Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation, McLean, VA

  • Compiled, cleaned, and analyzed raw financial data to prepare monthly management reports, Executive Summaries, and official financial reports for bondholders, private contributors, and board members.

  • Tracked investments and audit reports, monitored burn rates, forecasted long term needs for the Foundation, assessed market trends, and met Foundation’s requirements.

  • Amassed and analyzed data to present findings for expanding educational support to Western Europe for the for-profit arm of the Foundation. Examined and researched trend data of secondary education, demographics of population, availability, and costs of secondary education, current financing options, and occupational requirements among other variables that would impact success of program extension.

Technical Skills – adept in quickly learning new tools and programs
 Remote Collaboration Tools & Office Programs: Microsoft Office (Excel – Advanced, Word, PowerPoint), SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, MS Project Certified – Orange Belt, Deltek, Oracle  

Community Involvement

Board Member, 4RFriends

  • Oversee veterinarian care and support to low income and homeless community members in Sacramento, CA.

  • Serve as an organizational representative and liaison to county and state representatives.

  • Financial management and logistics coordinator.

Professional Certification

Certified Construction Auditor               National Association of Construction Auditors (


Ecological Economics
Completed Masters level coursework toward degree                                           Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Bachelor of Science
Economics and Finance – cum laude                                                                       University of New Hampshire

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